How many of you have one other than hunting?
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Post by Aeronut » Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:42 pm

As anyone who has been to OJAM can attest I am very seldom without a camera in my hand whenever I go anywhere. Turning photos and video into a music slideshow is my way of journaling my travels.

This is my latest. My youngest daughter got started in BMX racing this past spring and it has been a fun summer. I have spent almost every race standing in the center of the track doing what I like to do........take pictures. As near as I can count I have takes between 600 and 800 pictures at the races alone. Thank gosh for digital.

Here is the video I presented at the Miami, Ok. BMX banquet last weekend. Hope you like it. My daughter is the one holding the Stars & Stripes and her bike # is 066.

I am working on the OJAM VI video. Just took a while to think of a format for it but I know what I am going to do on it. I am running out of ideas. :roll: Hopefully I will have it done in time for the OSS banquet.

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