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Post by Pietro » Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:51 am

I'm glad I came across = I like it here ! :P

I'm not exactly new to muzzleloading, having started in the late 1960's when cleanup was a PITA.

It's funny, though, how things work out.

I started with sidehammer caplocks, and literally jumped on the -90's inline technology - especially the E-Z removable breechplugs - mostly for the ease of cleaning, then also for the stone reliability.

Early on, I found some pretty good DIY stuff in the Foxfire series of books, and made my own accessories - possibles bag, short starter, etc, etc - but haven't used that stuff since I went with the inline's plastic speedloaders/etc.

Then................ I sorta got jaded on the inlines & plastic, and so sold my lastest (a T/C Omega), when I ran across a nice .50 rocklock - especially when I found it to have a faster lock time than any caplock I had previously.

In this later part of life, I find I'm not very "anxious" about reliability or bringing some animal to bag, since I've had my share.
I'm getting much more pleasure from the tradidional guns/gear, than the game.

I've recently also accumulated another caplock rifle - AND (best of all) I can finally use the stuff, I made all those years ago.


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Post by TradRag » Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:01 pm

Glad to read that your traditional side is coming full swing. :P Welcome to TradRag and glad to have you here.
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