Oh what a night.....

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Oh what a night.....

Post by Greywolf » Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:32 pm

I decided it was too nice of a day not to just go play hooky from my honey-do work list for the rest of the day. I went back into the house, jumped in the shower, then scrambled downstairs to my stash of scent free hunting clothes. I was glad to just say the heck with the rest of the day. I dressed and made my way out of the basement door with bow in hand and 3 well sharpened arrows in my hip quiver. As I tried to sneak past the door… the Alpha Female said…… What time do you want supper tonight? ….DARN!… BUSTED
How do they know?

I sprayed the drivers seat cover with scent free spray and I was on my way. It’s a good feeling to be “going hunting” only a hunter could enjoy that feeling. I drove to my secret spot, and geared up. I knew the 2 minute walk would be one of the best walks for quite some time. I slowed my pace as I turned up the last leg of the trail, I’ve been busted around this area before not thinking the hogs would be there, something I learned real quick !!
I picked out each step as I closed in on the opening to see my hunting paradise, I scanned the area and spotted just a few doves waiting on the feeder to spray their food for the evening. I walked as quietly as possible into the area, skirting the main area, I tried to stretch taller to see what size tracks were under the tripod of gold. It was definitely a busy place I could see smaller tracks as well as some really nice size tracks, and one set of big tracks, oh yeah this is going to be a good night, I just had that feeling.

Feeling real good about the world, I snuck into the blind, it had been about 2 weeks since I had killed a hog from this blind so I figgered a good look see in the corners might be of a benefit. I sat my pack in the corner and grabbed my flashlight. I turned it on and looked into the far corner, nothing…good ! Then I looked at the other corner a large Cane spider was there. I swear he could grip a baseball he was so large, I smacked him and he fell to the floor of the blind in a curled up mass, my boot finished him off...... My first kill of the night !

I looked above me and there was a centipede, God I hate those. He was about 7-8 inches long, so I grabbed my knife, I thought last thing I want to do is stab him in the corner of a nylon blind! That wouldn’t be good, so I flicked him with the knife, but he held firm, I tapped him with the knife to dislodge him from his hiding place. Yes, he moving,one more tap on the blind and he fell on the carpet of the blind floor, I cut his head off and proceeded to cut him into pieces. Ahh HAA Kill number two it's gonna be a ....... It was about now, I heard a hog do a disgruntled grunt, I turned to see 3 hogs standing near the feeder watching the blind shake and make all sorts of wierd noise. Oh great ! I’m killing a centipede and I got 3 hogs watching me!

I forgot all about looking in the other corner, I’m now focused on trying to get my gear together,( which I should of done in the first place) I had the bright idea of videoing my evenings hunt, I tried to set up the tripod and set the camera to have the best vantage point all the while keeping one eye on the hogs milling around near the feeder.

It was way to early for the hogs to be there, but I shoulda known to expect the unexpected, even with getting caught not being ready!
The camo netting over the opening prevented the camera from focusing, Oh great I got to remove the Velcro netting with 3 hogs already walking on pins and needles, ever so slowly I started taking the velcro netting off,…. have you ever tried to do that quietly? That’s a impossibility !!
The hogs would have nothing of it and blasted out of the area voicing their displeasure at my existence on this planet, Oh great !!
With no hogs in sight, I ripped the netting off the window and placed it to give a little cover. Now....the camera is ready.......I’m ready….. and …………..no hogs! Great !
I didn’t feel real bad ,because those hogs were only about #45-#50, all three of them. I figger if I’m going to video my hunt I’m after a big hog ! I sat back and started to think about things, you know what to order for work tomorrow and work this and work that. Oh shoot, I’m going to hunt not think about work, so what to do? I opened my pack and grabbed my remote for the feeder …Yes !! Now were thinking hunting !!

I pushed the button and waited for the feeder to spring to life………….nothing! I saw the light come on the remote.. what’s up with that? Once again I pushed the button, light came on , no feeder. So what to do? I reached out the window and waived the remote back and forth to trigger the feeder. What do I hear next? The feeder going off? Nope, the three stooges had worked their way around to the blind side of my blind! They saw me flailing around my arm and again sounded off as they ran off into the woods. Maybe tonight isn’t my night? But, Oh Yeah…………..the feeder went off.

I sat back and waited for their return or something else that hadn’t seen the antics of the past few minutes.
I strained to hear any noise, nothing but a light breeze blowing the leaves. 5 minutes turned into 10 then 20.
Then, I started to realize just how uncomfortable my plastic bucket really, you know that molded circle in the center bottom of the bucket? It was beginning to make a permement circle in my right butt cheek!

It was also getting darker faster than I wanted, the feeder sprang to life on it’s regular scheduled time. This must have been right with the world. The woods came alive, I had at least the 3 stooges are coming back, maybe one more. I strained to hear and all three smaller hogs came rushing in. for the next ten minutes they enjoyed the golden nuggets from the sky.
I saw movement in the brush along the hillside, it was a bigger hog, he she or it was watching the 3 feed. Keeping a safe distance. I suddenly realized I was breathing real heavy, jezz, I must be excited..... Imagine that !

I waited for the big hog to work down to the feeder, all the closer the big hog would come was to the edge of the clearing and no more. That would be a dink shot with my compound, but I had the Dark Angel with me tonight, I knew my recurve could make the shot, but the shooter is the one with the doubts!
I waited and watch the hog come close and walk away. What was this hogs problem? Finally the hog walked into the clearing about 3 feet in the open, then I discovered the reason he was skeptical about approaching the feeder, it was the survivor of a previous hunt. He carried the scar of my snuffer, center of his shoulder.

My hunt turn solely on him, We had a score to settle! Hog one, me zero ! I watch the hog for the next 15 minutes, it was getting darker with each passing second. I set the feeder off once more hoping to entice him to commit to “come on in”. I sat and was getting excited by the minute, just knowing he had time, that I didn’t have on his side. I sat there waiting, finally he decided it was ok to walk in. and that he did…..BUT

He kept facing the blind the whole time, he’d run back, then approach slowly back and forth he'd jockey back and forth, Me waiting not wanting to rush the shot. As I sat there, time won out. I had a couple of 2-3 second shot opportunities, but knowing how wired the hog was. I had the respect for him not to take a what I figgered to be a risky shot, all because he was so hyped up.

With the light fading fast, I gathered my stuff and readied for my hasty exit. The hog must have gotten bolder I made some small noise, nothing... he stayed. So I unzipped the blind and he walked to the edge and walked back. I slide out of the blind and zippered the blind closed, that surely made him move…… nope he stayed right there. I walked out from behind the blind and took 2 steps closer….. the hog backed up that’s it. THAT Figgers!!…. me with a camera and tripod in one hand and bow in the other the hog decides to get brave. Just my luck! I stomped my foot and that was all it took, he turned and ran from the area. I walked across the area grumbling about how he got brave after dark and… and … well you know… I made it to the opening of the where I started, as I turned for one last look as I always do….. he came right back in. Just my luck. Hog…… you and I will met again. And hopefully I’ll invite you to dinner, but for right now? .....
Enjoy your dinner.

Next time. I promise !

**Disclaimer** No animals were harmed during this hunt.........................Darnit !
You never get a second chance to make a first good shot Greywolf

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Re: Oh what a night.....

Post by TradRag » Sat Jun 13, 2009 2:32 pm

Great story! Thanks for sharing! So, is there a reason they are more brave at dark? or was it just 'scar'? You had me laughing at the flailing and wrestling the remote. :D

This is a great point that most forget when jumping in the vehicle, whether your truck, car, ATV, etc....
I sprayed the drivers seat cover with scent free spray and I was on my way

even a little exhaust fumes can bust you. I've watched a bird dog trail a guides truck exhaust on a pheasant hunt once. That dog knew every place that truck stopped to put birds out. I use the wind but take to 'scent thing' to all measures. At least I try too. :P
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