Hog Rodeo

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Hog Rodeo

Post by Greywolf » Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:22 am

Well, not quite but close.....
As many of you know I do damage control and population control on a couple ranches here in Hawaii.

Not all the hogs are killed in the trapping process. if they are smaller hogs #50 or less and my Tahitian tree trimming friend is available they live for a while.........till they gain some weight.

Couple weeks ago I got a call from a lady that just had put in couple thousand dollars worth of landscaping, plants and sod, only to have the hogs hit it 2 night later and destroy all what she had planted.

I used my chain link fence trap after looking over the property, they were rooting up under the chain link fence to gain access to the property so it was a easy decision. It's a simple counterweight door trap. the door is propped open with a rod and a heavy string is tied to the rod and ran through a couple of pulleys to a ABS elbow and corn is put in the elbow and when the hog sticks his nose in the ABS pipe it's pushed down, pulling the rod sideways which was propping the door open, the weight on the outside simply pulls the door closed. Easy but effective, to date I've caught as many as 7 hogs at one time in this trap. and close to 50-60 hogs have been caught with this trap

So I thought I'd share some pics of hog and how we get them out. we call it the Hog Rodeo, If they get the upper hand............. it does become a Rodeo to keep control of them.

Here's our guests of the evening..


We remove them one at a time, I made a pole snare simple loop and pipe, work rather well


Now comes the fun part, they do have a small adversion to being caught...


As long as the guy on the back legs keeps a good hold it's not much of a problem..


Now comes the fun part, getting them to slid into the cage with out squirming all over the place, many hogs are lost at this stage of the event, if they start fighting and twisting they can reach over and bite you....


So far, it's been a great way to get rid of hogs for the people who think it's horrible to kill the little piggys, So we tell them they are going to live with their new friends..... :twisted:
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Re: Hog Rodeo

Post by eddie c » Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:54 am

So you have been busy. :mrgreen:

"So we tell them they are going to live with their new friends..... " :rolf:
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Re: Hog Rodeo

Post by Full Quiver » Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:10 pm

"So we tell them they are going to live with their new friends..... "

That one looks just right for my smoker. :D
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Re: Hog Rodeo

Post by KsBow » Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:48 am

You're right Donnie. Mighty tasty. Nothing like meat on a stick. :dance:
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