Back in the .....tree again....

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Back in the .....tree again....

Post by Greywolf » Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:29 am

For the first time in a long while. I decided to pull the box trap from the bottom side of the ranch yesterday to do some much needed repairs. It's been there for 5 yrs.
The last hog that was in the trap was a nice size hog and did a number on the 5 yr old trap. It's taken it's share of hogs in the areas where we can't hunt for one reason or another.
So we set the trap and removed a few hogs, so they see at the ranch we are doing our job. We have 3 different types one is the 6X6 wire trap, another is a chain link for catching everything, the 6X6 will allow smaller hogs to wiggle out if they are small enough, the chain link how every like I said catches all, so we have people who will take them and raise them and use them as needed later on, good to have friends like that. and we have a 2 X2 X6 trap for trails and small ares where the big trap looks out of place.

Well yesterday I drove along the field which I call the spot and stalk field, it's good because even though it's a riding field it has a few small dips and higher ares you can hide when stalking. Seeing no hogs I drove to the far far end and loaded the trap and took it home. This morning I made a trip to the steel shop and bought a 20 foot piece of angle iron and started cutting and welding. I was finished by 3 pm so I loaded the trap and delivered it to the ranch and set it further down the field where a few sows have been seen, they are challenging riders so they have to go.
I tucked the trap away for riders view and drove out of the small field. I decided to go check the Infamous "Pit" it's our little honey hole on the ranch. I parked grabbed the bow and headed to see if anything had visited recently,
as I ducked inside the wood line, I scanned the area ahead, sure enough there was a nice size hog and 3-4 farm chickens picking around the Pit. I don't like this approach but it's the only way in and it's down wind of the pit.

I stepped as quietly as possible over the limb that is now down even further than I remember, it now just knee high off the ground. I strained to see what the hog was I noticed it was diving for corn, well, not diving like your thinking just with the snout in the muddy water up to and sometimes covering the eyes, The boar would go under nose around and come up chewing and popping it's jaws. It tested the wind and went down again, I used this action to gain another couple of yards,The closer I get the more crosswind I am, maybe just maybe with some luck I can get close enough for a shot. 2 more times I was able to advance my position, just a tad over 15 yds.... this is doable if he turns sideways, head on is not a good shot for me. suddenly he stops, frozen in time... did he smell me? or did I make a noise? I quit breathing just to make sure, I've had a cold since I got back from the mainland and I could feel a small cough working it was to the wants to come out spot in my throat....No...No..No. I slowly took a breath, the feeling stopped whew, but....Yeah I hate those too...

He stuck his nose straight out in front and high in the air and took a bunch of small breaths in his nose..... He twitched his head from side to side, this isn't looking so good... they is almost no wind, the scent cone is getting wider I can just tell. suddenly with no warning, or grunt he moves to the right towards the trail that leads up the hillside, if I can stop him on the small bench it's a 20 yrd shot, and that's doable because I shoot from here to this spot all the time, He's pork chops....if....IF he stops. I make 2 quick steps to give me a wide open shot and and do a small grunt...... all it did was put him into a trot from a walk... he never stopped moving up the hills till his butt disappeared out of sight over the hill... Oh dagone... so close yet so far.
I moved to the platform and climbed up on and got settled maybe something else that might come in...but no such luck, I'd have to wait till the feeder went off for the first time, in 12 minutes.
I texted Rick and let him know I was sitting for the evening, wasn't planning on it after all I'm in short sleeves, no pack, no flashlight and no scent free shower like I usually do. just going for it. he wished me luck

In a couple of minutes I was startled by the feeder going off, that was fast. 30 seconds later I heard a bunch of noise coming over the hill, what ever it is must be big, it's making a lot of noise and my heart just kicked into overdrive... I was doing the heavy breathing and the sense of excitement was was quickly building I knew that hog didn't go buggar !!!!!

I strained to see how big the hog was working my way making so much noise..... then I saw was big alright, it was the largest farm rooster I have ever seen !! it sounded like a bulldozer !!
It busted through the brush and made it's way to the Pit. what !!! a chicken? really? it's head was the size of a tennis ball and red as fire too. He chased a couple others off and made quite a spectacular show for sure.
then he picked on the wrong little banny hen, pinning it to the ground. I raised the bow focused on the red head raised the bow and I'll tell you, I love Nockturnal nocks they light every time, this arrow was arching right on target, the arrow must has just cut the top of the comb or his head, he did flop backwards, but then shook it off got up and ran off, sounding like the world had just ended. I watched as he ran through the woods till he disappeared. that is one real lucky rooster. the blades but have passed over his head with one blade of the 3 blades stickin straight up. Later I did find a couple small drops of blood. so I did give him a close shave.

With the light fading fast in the woods, and me with out a flashlight, no pack and chickens making all sorts of noise, I eased out of the area and headed for the truck. Not a bad evening for not being there for just a while, I got within 15 yds of a diving hog, almost got a trophy rooster, and had a great sit as I watched the world head towards slumber land. I love that ranch, it's a nice quiet little place. sometimes we have a bunch of hogs and sometimes we go bust.

All in all... I'd say it was a successful night. Who knows maybe next time? I might even kill a hog.
You never get a second chance to make a first good shot Greywolf

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Re: Back in the .....tree again....

Post by eddie c » Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:15 am

Rule #1: PICK A SPOT!!!!! Rule#2: repeat #1

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Re: Back in the .....tree again....

Post by Oklahoma Leatherman » Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:30 pm

Good stuff there Greywolf. Sure would like to tag along on the "ranch" sometime with ya! For now these story's keep me going. ;)
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