Wyoming Lost and Found Tipis

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Wyoming Lost and Found Tipis

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Our main principle when going into the back country is simplicity. That is the reason we have developed the tarp tipi. While the high price nylon tents are wonderful, lightweight, and functional, our tarp tipis are just as convenient and possibly even more functional. The main reason being the price. A huge investment is not needed when considering a fully functional heated shelter such as our tarp tent. These affordable tents allow enjoyment in the back country without being a liability. When we go into the back country, we don't want to have to worry about destroying a huge investment such as the high dollar nylon tents. Uncountable nights in severe weather conditions have been spent in our tarp tents without failure. Tarp does not sag, is completely waterproof, allows snow to easily slide off, and is a third of the cost of other tipi tents.

We can install STOVE JACKS on ALL of our tipis! We can even install them on your existing tent!

We now offer 2 center pole options (your choice) for our ripstop tipis:

5 section Easton Aluminum take-down
Set of telescopic hiking poles with hiking pole connector

Our Tipis are quick and easy to set-up because of the symmetrical footprint. Each tipi corner is of equal distance from the center point. The set-up takes less than 3 minutes with our easy set-up tool and instructions.

Because of our multi-panel construction, our tipis are extremely strong and resilient. The panel seam acts as a built-in guy line structure that runs from the peak of the tipi down to each of the stake-out loops. This means that more tension can be given to each of the stake-outs without stressing the seams. Our top cones are triple stitched through no less than six layers of fabric to the main tent body and all seams run vertical so that no downward pressure is applied to the panel seams.

We have had flying branches from overhead trees hit and rip through the fabric of our ripstop nylon tipis during extremely high wind storms. The rip never made it past the seams, meaning that the seams are actually stronger than the fabric itself.

A client reported over four foot of snow in a 48-hour period with 0 failures to the canopy of our ripstop nylon tipi. The weight of the snow caused the center pole to bend but not fail. These tents are some of the strongest we have used! The cordura tipis are even stronger than the ripstop tipis.