.54 barrel, .36 and .44 Colt style revolvers SOLD

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.54 barrel, .36 and .44 Colt style revolvers SOLD

Post by Rocklock » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:41 pm

Selling a few things to finance another BP gun.

I bought this barrel for a project that never got off the parking lot. It is 1" across the flats and 44" long with deep rifling 1/66 twist. The barrel has not been cut for a breech plug and has deep square bottom rifling. One end (Muzzle?) is stamped 66 and 54. There are no other markings. IIRC, Dixie back in the 70s and 80s (yes I've had it that long) sold barrels made by GR Douglas with out the Douglas stamp. Would make a great light bench, table, cross sticks or cut to 32" or so a hunting gun.

A great RB barrel for $150 plus actual shipping to lower 48 where legal.

Both are brass framed and appear to have not been shot or !@*%&@ little. I got them in trades/buy outs thinking I would get deeper into revolvers but never did. I never even fired them. The 44 comes with a brass mold that can pour a round ball and a conical. The .36 comes with a box of Hornaday .375 balls.

Asking $150 each plus actual freight to lower 48 where legal.

TRADES OR OFFERS? I would look kindly on a nice hunting bag.

I am not having any luck posting pics, PM me with your email for pics or questions.

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