Father's Day Gift Idea: pistol and revolver socks

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Father's Day Gift Idea: pistol and revolver socks

Post by cachelapoudre » Sat May 07, 2016 9:05 am

These storage/carrying socks make great Father's Day gifts for dad's black powder pistol and/or revolver.

Made from cotton carpet material or fleece material, each sock is lined and has a wooden or metal button to close the flap.

The pistol socks will fit a Kentucky or Trapper style pistol. The revolver socks will fit a revolver with a barrel length up to seven inches.

I also make socks for pistols or revolvers with longer barrels such as an English Horse Pistol or Colt Buntline (Wyatt Earp Special).

Unlike a leather holster, a fabric sock breathes and will not tarnish the brass furniture.

Price includes shipping in the continental U.S. Money Order is preferred.

The Socks

Cimarron Pistol Sock - $30.00

Cimarron Revolver Sock - $30.00

Black & Red Revolver Sock - $30.00

Sedona Pistol Sock - $30.00

Pistol & Rifle sock set. Rifle sock is 44 inches long. - $45.00

Operators are standing by.

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