Mowrey muzzle loader

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Mowrey muzzle loader

Postby redfred » Wed May 13, 2009 11:50 pm

Anybody know about Mowrey Muzzle loaders? I bought a Bicentennial Special Model 606 50 caliber (made in 1976) at a garage sale years ago. It was made in Olney, TX, but the factory closed long ago. I need to get it repaired, so if anyone knows a gunsmith in the Dallas/Ft Worth area that works on muzzle loaders, I'd appreciate a tip.
I've never owned a muzzle loader before. How do I find out what loads to use? The gun came with a few round lead balls, but I notice in the stores, most ammo is the saboted bullets. I assume that's an improved design. Will those work in my gun?
Any tips you can share on learning to use the gun would be appreciated. Thanks, Fred
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Re: Mowrey muzzle loader

Postby Captchee » Thu May 14, 2009 8:19 am

mowery is a fairly simple design .
depending on what parts you need , most any actual gunsmith can make it for you .

as to shooting and loads . pick you up a lyman BP loading manuel , and whatch e-bay for one of Fadelas , books . both are a good place to start .
as to sabots . no they are not an improvment . what they are is a design for a faster twist more modern muzzleloading rifle . the trend there is for higher, vaster volocities exseeding 2200 fps .
basicly shooting a sub caliber round , thus you need a sabot to take up the space
this is where the corlock and jacketed rounds also come into play . soft lead begins to break up at right around 2200 fps ,

so the first think i would tell you , is get the books .
but in the main time you need to find out the twist of your barrels rifling . this can be done by using your cleanning jag , with a tight patch . mark the RR just as you start it in the bore . when it makes a full revolution mark it again . if you reach the breech before it makes a full revalution , mark the RR when it hits the bore .
using the above method , one can figure out the twist .

the rate of twist is important becouse it will then dictated the loads and projectiles you can use
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Re: Mowrey muzzle loader

Postby redfred » Thu May 14, 2009 11:13 pm

Thanks for the great info. I'll get the books and start studying.
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